Individual therapy (Adolescent & Adult)

In individual counseling my goal is to help you explore and dive deeper into your inner world, thus providing you with a sense of clarity around your motivations and the areas in which you are stuck. Often it is you that has the greatest insight into how best to solve life’s troubles and I seek to help you uncover it. Building trust and creating partnership will be at the foundation of our work together.

Parent Consultations

In parent consultations we will work together so that you and I both develop a full picture understanding of your teen and/or the conflict at hand. Throughout this process I will help you identify your own emotional triggers and we will collaborate together to come up with new approaches and ways of being with your child that work for you and your family.

Family Therapy

In Family Therapy I will help family members gain a deeper understanding of each other & help individuals work together to solve conflicts. Typically with ongoing conflict both sides have become rigid in their communication and emotions are highly charged. I will work towards changing & shifting the dialogue, and providing a neutral space for people to speak openly and honestly with one another. Family therapy can loosen the tension allowing for creative solutions to ongoing conflict.

Expressive Arts

Expressive arts therapy can be helpful when one is finding it difficult to translate their personal experience into words. Expressive arts is also used when one is feeling stuck, confused, or disconnected from their emotions. It is a vehicle for communication and can be used to make meaning out of difficult situations. Expressive arts therapy is especially beneficial for tweens & teens. It is worth noting that expressive arts therapy is for everyone (artistic skill not required) and is always optional in session.