Lindsey Goulden
M.Ed., NCC, LPC Intern

Supervised by: Ann Zbylot M.Ed., LPC-S


Coming to counseling can be an effective tool to use when life becomes overwhelming or when you see no easy way out of your troubles. It is common to have experiences in life that you find yourself stuck in. Through therapy, one can begin to understand themselves more thoroughly and discover their innate capacity to accept and to change.

As a therapist, I focus on building trust and relationship so that a genuine and more meaningful conversation can take place. I am committed to helping you understand yourself on a deeper level so that new and creative ways of being in the world can be explored. My goal is to partner with you along your journey towards finding more joy, connection and purpose in your life for you or your family.

I am an LPC-intern working under the supervision of Ann Zbylot, LPC-S. I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May 2017. Since then I have worked in nonprofits providing counseling to children, adolescents, and families. I have worked as a career counselor at Texas State University and have provided mental health services to adolescents in foster care and to adults with developmental disabilities. I live in Wimberley with my husband and two young children.

Areas of specialization

  • eating disorders/body image issues

  • self-harm/depression/suicidal thoughts

  • learning differences (ADHD, dyslexia, asperger’s, giftedness, sensory processing issues, anxiety and more)

  • parent/child conflict (risky behavior, communication issues, power struggles)

  • career/identity issues

  • anger issues & anger management

  • anxiety (generalized/social anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, panic attacks)

  • parenting & family transitions